A consummate actress whose poise and affable presence has won the hearts of many Singaporeans, Chen Li Ping remains as one of the nation’s most well-adored personalities.

Since her TV debut in 1985, Li Ping quickly rose to fame with her acting talents and pleasant image. She helmed many significant lead roles in both period and contemporary dramas with much competence, and has been nominated multiple times at the annual Star Awards. Li Ping was the first artiste to receive double Best Actress nominations for her roles in The Golden Path (2007) and Just in Singapore (2008) at Star Awards in 2009. She nabbed the Best Actress Award three times in Holland V (2003), Reunion Dinner (2010) and The Dream Makers (2014), and also received the Best Actress nomination for her role in How Are You? (2020).

Li Ping’s staying power can be attributed to her successful and memorable portrayal of the bumbling school teacher in the 1989 hit drama serial, Good Morning, Sir!. The screen persona, Ms Aiyoyo (who likes to pepper her lines with the catchphrase: “Aiyoyo!”), made such a huge impact that Li Ping reprised it for the second time in the 20-part serial, Diary of A Teacher (1996) and she is still affectionately referred to as “Aiyoyo” by the media and viewers alike to this day.



Not one to rest on her laurels, Li Ping continues to hone her craft and delivers impeccable performances in every role she takes on. With over fifty drama series including, The Winning Team (1990), Holland V (2003), The Golden Path (2007), Just in Singapore (2008), Unriddle (2010), Joys Of Life (2012), The Dream Makers (2013), Mightiest-Mother-In-Law (2017), Old is Gold (2019), How Are You? (2020) and more, the versatile actress has successfully established herself in a league of her own. Many of her dramas have also made it to the Top 10 most-watched drama list annually. Her performances as Aiyoyo in Good Morning, Sir! (1989) and Mo Wan Wan in Holland V (2003) won the Top 5 Classic Characters at the Star Awards 2007 25th Drama Anniversary Show. Apart from acting, Li Ping has also received rave reviews for hosting variety programmes, City Spy (2001), HDB Tai Tai (2006) and My Star Guide (2006), which returned for several new seasons due to its popularity.

Li Ping’s popularity remains undisputable over the years. In 2006, she attained the prestigious All-Time Favourite Artiste Award of Star Awards, a title given only to artistes who have held the Top 10 Most Popular Artiste position for 10 years.


Star Awards 2006

Star Awards 2014


As one of the most respected and accomplished performers in the industry, Li Ping continues to hone her craft and delivers impeccable performances in every role she takes on. In 2022, she took to her social media to launch an online short mini-series, Chen Liping (2022), featuring herself on a journey of self-discovery that’s marked by laughter, sweat and tears. In 2023, she starred in her first-ever English drama, Titoudao: Dawn Of A New Stage (2023), playing the leader of an all-female wayang troupe.

Li Ping will always remain an icon in the Asian entertainment industry.


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