A timeless beauty with an enticing charisma, Phyllis Quek is one of Singapore’s most established and recognised actresses.

Phyllis joined Star Search Singapore in 1995 and emerged as runner-up in the talent show. Since breaking into the scene, her stunning appeal and neutral acting display have won her immediate recognition. Her acting debut in the drama serial, Beyond Dawn (1995) garnered her the Best Newcomer Award at the Star Awards in 1996.

Phyllis went on to embrace numerous challenging lead roles in prime-time television dramas, including starring opposite Golden Horse Award-winning actor Alex Man in Brave New World (1996). She was ranked as the “Fourth Ah Jie” by local media, which defined her as the fourth most prominent actress in Singapore’s Chinese-language entertainment industry during the late ‘90s. Phyllis achieved further success with her role as the peony fairy “Bai Mudan” in the popular drama serial, Legends Of The Eight Immortals (1998), for which her captivating presence continues to resonate with audiences even to this day.



Phyllis has not only entranced viewers in Singapore but also across Asia with her enduring performances. As Phyllis’ popularity soared, she went on to star in several overseas drama productions, alongside a star-studded cast from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which include The Palm of Ru Lai (2005), The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2002), Love Contract (2004), The Little Fairy (2006) and more.

Apart from television, Phyllis ventured onto the big screen and continued to achieve widespread fame across the region. She starred alongside renowned Hong Kong actors in the films, 2000 AD (2000) with Aaron Kwok, Born Wild (2001) with Louis Khoo and Daniel Wu, and The Tree (2001) with Francis Ng. She also received recognition for her roles in Kidnapper (2010) and The Ultimate Winner (2011).

In the late ‘90s to early 2000s, Phyllis not only showcased her acting skills but also demonstrated her musical talent. She recorded theme songs for her dramas and eventually released her first Mandarin pop album, Phyllis.

Commercially successfully, Phyllis has joined the ranks of internationally acclaimed celebrities Michelle Pfeiffer and Maggie Cheung as the LUX Star, as well as alongside Christy Cheung as the face for Marie France Bodyline, thus accomplishing true validation of a star’s celebrity cachet.



With eight Star Awards “Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste” recognitions to her name, Phyllis has firmly embedded herself in the hearts of audiences. After leaving the limelight to spend time with her family, Phyllis marked her return on screen in 2017 and 2022. Her drama series Legal Eagles (2017), My Teacher is A Thug (2017) and Soul Detective (2022) were eagerly anticipated by her fans.

Over the years, Phyllis remains resolute in her drive to push boundaries and explore new opportunities. In 2021, she launched her online series, Careless Whispers, a talk show exploring the mysterious frontier of ASMR with her celebrity friends. The series generated significant attention online and returned for a second season in 2022. Ever stunningly attractive and glamorous, Phyllis’ ability to maintain her youthful appearance has the media often referred to her as an ‘ageless beauty’. Phyllis will forever be an iconic figure in the Asian entertainment industry.


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