Producer and Conceptualiser

“Connecting Communities, Bridging Generations” campaign for (Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism), and Ministry of Education



Conceptualised a series of video trailers.


Trailer 1 – Connecting Through Mother Tongue Languages

Mother tongue languages help us to connect with our loved ones. Look out for what Taufik Batisah, Olivia Ong, Shabir Alam and Ng Chee Meng have to say about their journeys with mother tongue languages!


Trailer 2 – What Would You Have Done Differently? (ft. Minister Ng Chee Meng)

If you could relive your school days, what would you have done differently? Minister Ng Chee Meng shares his thoughts.



Trailer 3 – Appreciating The Beauty Of Language (ft. Olivia Ong)

How did improving her Mandarin help singer Olivia Ong to broaden her musical horizons?



Trailer 4 – Learning To Love The Language (ft. Shabir)

How did local music producer Shabir Alam overcome challenges to receive the Kannadasan award for his music? He shares his journey in learning to love the language.



Trailer 5 – Using The Mother Tongue Language With Pride (ft. Taufik Batisah)

What motivated singer-songwriter Taufik Batisah to strengthen his Malay language?