悄悄密密 (Season 1)



Creator (Production and Post-Production)

Having done TV, Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽 is determined to entertain us on our personal screens with the launch of her newest online series, “Careless Whispers”《悄悄密密》. Scheduled for launch simultaneously on Hype Records’ social media platforms, the series will see Phyllis explore the mysterious frontier of ASMR. An episode will be released bi-weekly, with the first episode premiering on Thursday, 21st January 2021. This series aims to tingle the sensation of viewers and give them the relaxing pillow-talk they yearn for before hitting the sack. If the words slime, kinetic sand, and mukbang ring a bell in your head, expect Phyllis and her guests to provide you up to 10 minutes of ‘nua-ness’. This series will see celebs spill the beans on the private aspects of their private moments. Snuggle up in your blankets and plug in your headsets for Singapore’s ASMR celebrity. Tune in on your earbuds now!



8 Episodes


Episode 1: Phyllis Quek and Apple Hong try ASMR for the first time

What happens when you put two celebrities together to do ASMR?


Episode 2: Phyllis Quek, Jack Neo and a ghost

Phyllis Quek and Jack Neo talk about horror stories. He also shares an experience of how a ghost paid a visit to his movie set.


Episode 3: Phyllis Quek and Cassandra See reveals it all!

Long-time friends Phyllis Quek and Cassandra See make Mojito and spill the beans on on-screen and off-screen romances!


Episode 4: Phyllis Quek shocked that Hong Huifang was a ‘thief’

Phyllis Quek and Hong Huifang reminisce about their work in China… and Huifang shares a time when she was accused of ‘stealing’.


Episode 5: Phyllis Quek and Carole Lin road rage?

Phyllis Quek and Carole Lin test each other’s patience and share their road rage experience.


Episode 6: Shine Koh discovers Phyllis Quek’s ‘hot’ magazine photo

Phyllis Quek and Shine Koh share their top 5 must-have items in their bag. Phyllis also gives some big sister advice on marriage and how looks should Shine.


Episode 7: Phyllis Quek made Rayson Tan cry

Phyllis Quek catches up with Rayson Tan on his life and he reveals how ‘violent’ Phyllis was.


Episode 8: Phyllis Quek and Belinda Lee better revealed their love story

Find out what love feels like for Phyllis Quek and Belinda Lee.