悄悄密密 (Season 2)



Creator (Production and Post-Production)

Singapore’s most famed ASMR celebrity is back for a second season! Phyllis Quek 郭妃丽 tackles ASMR once again with her online series, “Careless Whispers” 《悄悄密密》. This time around, Phyllis chats with some of Singapore’s high-profile content creators to spill the tea on success, failure and lessons learned…and with some ridiculous ASMR activities. Premiering April 2022 on Hype Records’s social media platforms, the series will provide the ‘nua-ness’ and tingling sensation to stimulate your senses. Tune in to this relaxing pillow-talk anytime. Remember to plug in your headsets now!



8 Episodes


Episode 1: Phyllis Quek tells Titus Low to cover up

Titus Low whispers about the talk surrounding his arrest, his future and his cats. Phyllis Quek also prepares a surprise gift for Titus…


Episode 2: Phyllis Quek and Soh Pei Shi cheers to being forever young
Pei Shi talks about being one of Singapore’s OG YouTubers, staying relevant and her plans to start a family. Phyllis also shares her coveted beauty secrets with Pei Shi.


Episode 3: Phyllis Quek made Benjamin Kheng question reality
Benjamin shares if there is a career in the local entertainment scene, about his new married life and that one time his idol shouted at him. Phyllis and Benjamin also talk about jealousy.


Episode 4: Phyllis Quek and Jaze Phua on going viral
Jaze talks about being in the limelight, catching online trends and his love life. Phyllis also reveals why she took a break from acting during her peak.


Episode 5: Ong Yi Ting calls Phyllis Quek “mummy”?
Ong Yi Ting calls Phyllis Quek “mummy”?


Episode 6: Royce Lee opens up to Phyllis Quek about being cancelled
Royce talks about the cancel culture, craving attention and treading the fine line between being funny and offensive. Phyllis and Royce also talk about how times have changed.


Episode 7: Jaspers Lai wins ‘Golden Horse Award’ from Phyllis Quek
Jaspers recalls being persistent about joining showbiz, how his looks decided his future and seizing the right opportunity. Phyllis and Jaspers also talk about their shared dream.


Episode 8: Phyllis Quek and Chen Liping finally appear together
Special guest, Liping gets personal about an actor’s state of mind, the origins of ‘Aiyoyo’ and keeping up with the times. Phyllis and Liping also talk about ‘sharing’ Rayson Tan.