Creator (Production and Post-Production)

Conceptualised a series of Instagram Reels.


It’s 2022 and Chen Liping 陈莉萍 is ready for a change. Liping will be launching a new series online that will have her on a journey of self-discovery that’s marked by laughter, sweat and tears. Scheduled for launch simultaneously on Hype Records’ and Chen Liping’s social media platforms.



Episode 1: New Year, New Me 新的一年,新的我

Liping shares with us her New Year’s resolution.


Episode 2: I’m ready for a change 我准备好了

Liping embarks on her fitness journey with Joan Liew!


Episode 3: I just love to eat 我就是爱吃

Liping tackles her eating habits.


Episode 4: I never knew 我从来不知道

Liping finds out the secret to becoming fit.


Episode 5: I think too much 我想太多

A weight has been lifted off Liping’s shoulders..


Episode 6: I believe I can 我相信我行

Liping shows she never backs down and continues to stay optimistic in her fitness journey.