“Shaping Hearts 2021” is an inclusive arts festival that celebrates the artistic talents (visual and performing arts) of the special needs community.


Conceptualised a series of videos for the North East Community Development Council.



Video Teaser: Shaping Hearts 2021

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Shaping Hearts 2021 is a movement to celebrate the diverse artistic talents of our community. Each work of art at the event is a milestone of an exceptional journey our artists have undertaken to overcome their challenges. They may be differently-abled or struggling through tough times but every one of them tells a story of hope through their art.


Video 1: A Pianist with Autism – Joshua German

Unlike many of us, Joshua finds it tough to express himself in a conversation. But give him a piano and you’ll hear the beautiful notes of his thoughts and dreams, loud and clear. Though Joshua grows up with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the immense support of his family gives him the courage to develop his talent for music.


Video 2: An Artist with Epilepsy – Genine Tham 

Genine is born with epilepsy, which poses a great hurdle to her growth. Currently a beneficiary of the art therapy programme at Extra.Ordinary People and an alumna of MINDS, Genine started to find her voice through art. Her improvement is a comfort for her mum and primary caregiver, Joysline.


Video 3: A Para-athlete, An Artist, A F&B Rising Star with Autism – Joshua Tang

Joshua is a man of many interests. He represented Singapore as a competitive swimmer in the 2010 Special Olympics in Athens. He is also an artist from Very Special Arts Singapore who keeps getting better at his craft. All of these are possible with the support of his loving family, his teachers and the community who see the talent in him.


Video 4: Journey of Shaping Hearts to support differently abled artists

The Shaping Hearts 2021’s journey begins today. See how art empowers our differently-abled artists. Discover how you can be a part of this amazing journey.