“Shaping Hearts 2022” is an inclusive arts festival that celebrates the artistic talents (visual and performing arts) of the special needs community.


Conceptualised a series of videos for the North East Community Development Council.



Video Trailer: Art Brings Us Together

Art knows no bounds, and for some, art is the only way they can express themselves. Shaping Hearts 2022 hopes to inspire through the creative expressions of our differently-abled artists, with each expression being an embodiment of a milestone they have reached in overcoming their challenges. Experience the artists’ works through multiple lenses – an art exhibition, live performances, a charity art auction – and celebrate the diverse talents in our community. 


Video 1: An Artist, A Musician, A National Bowler with Autism – Chalmers Wong 

Chalmers Wong doesn’t just excel in music and arts, but has won the Singapore National Para Games in bowling too. He was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism when he was 18 months old. Chalmers is one of the participating artists at Shaping Hearts 2022. 


Video 2: A Visually Impaired Multidisciplinary Artist-Educator – Claire Teo

Get to know Claire, a multidisciplinary visually impaired artist as she shares the one thing she was searching for when she embarked on her journey as an actor and how she juggles her role as an advocate and educator.


Video 3: An Artist with Down Syndrome – Sijun

What happens when you don’t give up? For 18-year-old Sijun, it’s coming a long way from not being able to draw a straight line to establishing his signature style of paintings that are vibrant, expressive and optimistic… Listen in to Sijun’s mum, Ms Ann Chong, share about the unexpected way she discovered Sijun’s talent in art and her secret sauce in helping Sijun to thrive.