Executive Producer

Shooting Stars – Drama Series (Mediacorp Channel 5)


An ageless icon people wish upon and an epitome of dreams come true. This aptly-named drama starring Singapore Idols alumni is a tale about five young individuals who are unafraid to dream. When renowned songwriter-cum-performer George comes to a crossroad in his life, he looks to nurturing a successor amongst the young talents he teaches. Sly, Taufik, Jeassea, Olinda and Daphne meet by chance to learn under George’s wings and they each come with his or her own set of aspirations, struggles and obstacles. Striving beyond their adversities and learning to accept differences along the way, these youths learn the fundamental.


Cast: Taufik Batisah, Sylvester Sim, Olinda Cho, Thyidor, Jeassea, Daphne Khoo, David Wu, Alfarahizah Awangnit, Brendon Lim, Maylene Loo